Block 5 2011 Student Feedback on Courses

Thank you to all those students who completed their course feedback this term. We are continuing to understand what is important to you and what you feel are the best aspects of a course as well as those areas needing improvement.

In order to communicate results back to you, reports have been prepared for all Block 5 courses. Summary reports on the scores and the open-ended comments have been prepared for each Faculty and School.

Your feedback has been very honest and constructive and is being used to make improvements - it is really making a difference. We are continuing to listen to the suggestions you have made. Your lecturers will explain how past feedback has been used to inform improvements to courses and programs.

Click on the course code link below for reports on individual courses.

Please Note: Only those courses with a minimum of 10 enrolments and/or 5 responses have been reported.

If you have questions, please email