2009 Student Feedback on Programs

Thank you to the many thousands of students who completed the Student Feedback on Programs (SFP) survey during semester two last year!

Your feedback has provided the university with invaluable insight into your experiences and what you consider to be important to achieving successful learning outcomes.

Your feedback has provided the University with a great opportunity to assess and improve the quality of its Programs.  Report summaries have been sent to all Schools and Faculties where plans have been developed to address the points you raised. 

The five areas most commented on by you were: Work Integrated Learning, Teaching Methods, Teacher Quality, Flexibility, and Assessment.

  Work Integrated Learning

  • You expect your programs to prepare you for a job.
  • Your prefer your study to be linked with the 'real world' environment
  • You expect the curriculum to be relevant to the demands of your chosen profession
  • You value career guidance in programs

  Teaching Methods

  • You see a relationship between the way you learn and are assessed, and the depth and quality of your learning.
  • You are motivated by 'hands-on' learning, teaching, and assessment methods. 
  • Practical engagement with course material deepens your understanding.

Teacher Quality

  • Your motivational levels are related to the quality of your teachers.
  • You evaluate your teachers holistically and like them to be organised, lucid, committed, approachable, helpful and willing - both inside and outside the classroom.
  • You consider teacher-student relationships important and work harder when a teacher shows genuine concern for your learning
  • You do not see a correlation between a lecturer's academic credentials and their teaching ability


  • You value flexibility in subject choices, timetabling and teaching methods.
  • On-line resources, when used effectively, are important to your learning.
  • These on-line resources also provide a very important revision tool.
  • Night classes add flexibility for working students.
  • You think more subject choice allows you to better tailor your learning to your personal goals.


  • You like courses with carefully planned assessment tasks.
  • You are motivated by assessments which ask for practical engagement with content, especially where there is 'real-world' or workforce relevance.
  • You value timely feedback to inform you of your progress ready for your next assessment.

  Other Aspects

  • You like to see a fit between the various components of your program.
  • Those of you enrolled in combined degrees need a connection between your two strands of study, as well as a narrowing of the teaching differences between schools and disciplines.

If you have any questions regarding the Student Feedback on Programs survey, please contact Planning Quality and Reporting on (02) 4921 6610 or email surveys@newcastle.edu.au

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