Wired network

IT Services manages and maintains the University of Newcastle information network, which operates across the Callaghan and Ourimbah campuses, the Newcastle city locations and Sydney.

The wired network provides students and staff access to University corporate systems, intranet-based resources and the Internet.

The wired network consists of :

  • The campus backbone network (or core network) that links buildings together
  • Data cabling within buildings
  • “Active” network equipment and software that manages the communication across the network

Network traffic and downloads are monitored by IT Services so discretion is advised. Access to the Internet is through Australia's academic and research network, AARNET. It is bound by AARNET's Access Policy and by University policies on access.

Students and staff are issued with University ID and password access. These are used as the identification code on password-protected systems. All users (students and staff) must authenticate to the University of Newcastle proxy server to access the Internet from any workstation on campus.

Account passwords are required to access restricted services. Responsibility and accountability for network security is a shared responsibility of all network users. It is the responsibility of the network account holder to protect his or her passwords and not divulge them to other persons.