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Campus Care

The Campus Care program has been set up as a central point of enquiry for information, advice and support in managing inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviours.

Campus Care staff will provide leadership and support at all stages of responding to complex and sensitive situations. Students and staff are encouraged to ask for assistance if they:

  • Feel threatened or unsafe
  • Have concerns about someone else's behaviour or wellbeing
  • Have received unwanted attention
  • Are worried about someone harming themselves or someone else
  • Wish to clarify issues of responsibility, confidentiality or duty of care

With the agreement of the caller, other relevant support services may be consulted or a coordinated safety plan may be recommended. At all times the welfare of both the individual and the University of Newcastle community will be considered and all recommended action will be in accordance with University statutes and policies.

The Campus Care program can be contacted as follows:

By phone: ext 18600 or +612 4921 8600
By email:

For staff or students who would rather talk through an issue in person, appointments can be booked through contacting the Campus Care phone line.

Campus Care is supported by the University Complaints Office, Dean of Students, Counselling Service and Health Service