Applications Developer

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An applications developer converts software requirements into coding which then can be used in the execution of programs.  Tasks include writing specifications required in the applications and using programming languages and development tools to design, build, test, implement, and support applications.  An applications developer closely works with other software professionals such as system analysts and engineers.  Applications developers usually specialise on a specific type of application, some of which are described below.

Database Applications Developer

A database applications developer is responsibility for working on programs that will work in sync with a database(s).  A database applications developer must ensure that the database is working properly and providing the required information.

Enterprise Applications Developer

Enterprise applications developers are responsible for designing, planning, evaluating, and developing solutions that target both web and client user experiences.  Their vision drives the development of line-of-business applications and their underlying databases.  An enterprise applications developer must design and deliver mission-critical business systems and keep them running.

Java Applications Developer

Java is a widely used computer programming language all over the world.  It plays a very important part in making applications, software and games.  Java applications developers have to be adept in the technologies of this language; such as Core Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Java debugging, JDBC, XML, HTML, XSLT, JavaScript, SQL and many more.  Along with all these technologies, they also use other languages and tools for coding, compiling, and executing applications.

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile applications developers are experts in developing applications that are compatible to be used on a mobile phone.  They must be knowledgeable regarding cellular technologies and the software platforms used for working with such technologies.  Common fields of work include working on applications for GPS mapping, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone OS and Android OS.

Web Applications Developer

A web applications developer is responsible for handling the functioning of the applications of a company’s website.  A web applications developer needs to be proficient in web technologies such as Java, .NET, ASP.NET, XML, HTML, CSS and PHP to develop and modify such applications.