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Audiologists test and assess hearing and hearing disorders. Audiologists provide the non-medical management and rehabilitation and hearing loss and associated disorders of communication and may make referrals to medical practitioners. As part of rehabilitation programs Audiologists may provide counselling and guidance, training in communication strategies, fitting and evaluating hearing aids and devices for clients. Audiologists may also provide testing and advice about environmental factors in workplaces that may affect workers hearing.

In order to qualify as an audiologist it is necessary to complete a 2 year postgraduate Masters degree in an approved program in audiology, available to study at: University of Melbourne, Macquarie University, Flinders University, University of Western Australia, University of Queensland (from the Audiology Australia Society website).  Undergraduate studies in an area including linguistics, psychology, speech and hearing science, biomedical science or physical and behavioural sciences is usually required to undertake the post graduate experience.