Cadastral Surveyor/ Land Surveyor/ Geomatics Surveyor

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A Cadastral Surveyors determine and advise on property boundaries when land is subdivided, bought or sold. They measure, mark, map and record boundary lines to define ownership and rights in real property (land, water, mineral, easements, rights-of-way, etc.), to resolve boundary disputes between neighbours, and for any subdivision of land, building development, road boundary realignment, etc (Note: Cadastral surveyors must be licensed as the plans they work on are used as the basis for legal transactions of parcels of land).

These surveyors trace land title deeds and other private or public records to verify the measurements of parcels of land. They analyse this collected data and compare it with existing records to determine evidence that can be used to mark the boundary positions.

A Cadastral Surveyor may perform the following tasks:

  • Discuss the specific requirements with a client;
  • Research of previous survey evidence, maps, deeds, physical evidence, and other records to obtain data needed for surveys;
  • Develop new data from photogrammetric records;
  • Plan, organize, and direct work of one or more survey parties engaged in surveying;
  • Determine methods and procedures for establishing or re-establishing survey control;
  • Coordinate findings with work of engineering and architectural personnel, clients, and others concerned with project;
  • Assume legal responsibility for work and is licensed by state