Chaplain/Pastoral Care Worker

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A chaplain can be described as a clergyman of a private institution, chapel or regiment. For example, chaplains are assigned to the defence forces, police, ambulance, fire brigade, hospitals, businesses, gaols, educational facilities, shopping centres, airports and a variety of large and small organisations. Not all chaplains are clergymen - some are ordained men and women but others are lay members of their churches. Chaplains may come from several different Churches providing spiritual, religious, ethical, pastoral and personal support and care to students or staff.

Depending on the institution, chaplains provide opportunities for prayer and worship, individual spiritual guidance and direction, a listening ear and organise and conduct study groups, bible study and more. Chaplains working in major urban centres in Australia must be able to understand a range of religious and spiritual traditions and demonstrate ability to work sensitively in a culturally diverse environment such educational institutions. As a result, they must also possess excellent interpersonal skills and be able to work with individuals with complex family issues and people with disabilities.  Chaplains are required to have a bachelor’s degree, completed theological classes and display competency in pastoral care.