Chief Information Officer/IT Manager

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The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the head of the IT group within an organisation, and usually reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  They provide organisations with the vision to master information technology as a competitive tool.  In a small company they might be known as an IT Manager.

A Chief Information Officer’s roles include:

  • overseeing the work of the entire IT team, section or department, and providing support and mentoring to IT management personnel
  • determining opportunities for improvement of current IT systems, and assessing future IT needs by consulting with people at all levels of the organisation
  • being responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of the organisation’s IT infrastructure
  • ensuring the IT strategy meets the growth and business strategy of the organisation
  • being a member of the organisation’s executive team and being involved in the strategic business planning
  • providing advice to other senior managers and boards on IT issues and planning