Commissioning Editor

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Commissioning Editors are employed in a number of sectors that are involved with the arts. These may include museums, galleries, television stations, cinemas, theatres, education programs, publishing houses and so on. Commissioning Editors identify and assess the market in which they are involved, identify and assessing proposals for new projects, programs or items, issue contracts to new artists or agents, develop, support and maintain projects, liaise with other experts in the your field and generally develop an organisation's items, project or program list with involvement at every stage of that program or item's development. This could involve tv programs, book lists, educational lists, play lists, documentary lists, etc.

The role of Commissioning Editor is a senior level position, which can be obtained after gaining experience and ability and working your way up through a number of lower level roles, and often positions are advertised internally. Postgraduate studies in specific areas and work experience may improve your chances of gaining this type of role. Candidates for Commissioning Editors will need to have good interpersonal and communication skills, a business acumen, self-motivation, flexibility and enthusiasm. Successful Commissioning Editors can progress to become publishers.