Customs Officer

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Customs officers are responsible for making sure Australian customs laws are adhered to by individuals entering and exiting Australia at airports, seaports and outposts. They do this by monitoring persons, luggage, mail and other goods, by investigating suspicious circumstances and informing people of quarantine laws and issues. There are various paths to becoming an Australian customs officer including:

  • As a customs trainee - a program, which does not require tertiary qualifications
  • As a customs graduate trainee - for those with tertiary qualifications. This program both trains graduates to become customs officers, but also in the policy and administrative sides of the department
  • Through general recruitment, this entry method typically applies to those with industry experience

Customs officers are able to fine people and confiscate goods. They also work with police on special operations and ongoing investigations. Shift work is often part of this occupation where good communication skills and the ability to work in a highly structured environment are important.