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Demographers study the growth, density and trends of populations. They perform statistical research into aspects of the population such as birth and death rates or immigration that may cause changes in that populace in order to identify current and predict future trends for government, social service agencies, not-for-profit and private companies. This may include examining labour force trends, where to best market a new product, determining if a community needs to have a new school provided, mapping population data for certain geographical areas, or projecting the electrical use of areas with population growth.

To become a Demographer a tertiary degree in demography, economics, or social science is a minimum requirement. Postgraduate qualifications are prized more highly by organisations which hire demographers. Work or research experience is also highly regarded. Demographers need to have excellent statistical knowledge, good analytical, research and written communication skills, competent computer skills, particularly with statistical packages, and work well in a team environment.