Deployment Engineer

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A deployment engineer implements the technical solutions created by a technical planning and design team. This means that the deployment engineer must be on-site to liaise with clients and oversee the application and installation process for information and communications systems. Deployment engineers can also be required to conduct technical discussions with customers and raise any issues with the product engineering teams during deployment.

Some basic tasks that a deployment engineer would undertake are:

  • Evaluate new technology and the associated practices and procedures
  • Conduct site readiness assessments - prepare site design documentation for new sites, which includes specification of equipment and site parameters
  • Manage the introduction of new sites into the operational network
  • Monitor and manage capacity growth of the network, undertaking installation work as required

This role would call upon previous technical development, quality assessment skills, team work skills and your communication skills.

This kind of position requires 3 year minimum work experience with telecommunications services and mobile networks. However, there is the possibility for promotion within some companies to the design and planning teams after a certain period of employment.