eCommerce Consultant

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eCommerce is the use of information technology and the internet to revolutionise business processes and customer relationships.  As the rise of the internet continues and the demand for purchasing products and service online increases, eCommerce consultants become extremely sought after.

eCommerce solutions vary from tracking parcels to buying shares to simplifying procurement processes.  Depending on the level of responsibility and the particular job role involved, duties may also include:

  • Designing the processes and architecture of the company’s internet presence
  • Designing, developing and maintaining the company’s intranet business strategy
  • Administering the day to day operation of the server software, monitoring the logs and usage statistics, adjusting configuration settings as required, and backing up the system and handling system security
  • Overseeing both the technical and creative team from conception of an online project through to its delivery
  • Aligning the company’s web presence with its business strategy, analysing and specifying eCommerce application system requirements