Environmental Lawyer

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Environmental Lawyers argue and advise on legal issues relating to the environment, for example; air and water quality, development and land clearing, waste management and the use of chemicals. Environmental lawyers have expert knowledge of treaties and regulations relating to land ownership, but also environmental issues. Most professionals in this field have either completed an environmental science based degree or have combined studies in this area with their studies in law. Environmental Lawyers work on behalf of the government, environmental protection agencies and sometimes for commercial organisations in industries such as property development or mining.

Traditionally, environmental law has been considered an area suited to those who have a genuine passion and commitment to environmental causes. This was due mostly to comparatively low salaries available from the main employers in the area - not for profit environmental protection groups. However, this is an area of law which is likely to grow due to increased prominence being given to schemes such as carbon emissions trading on which the government and affected organisations will require advice. As a consequence, the number of environmental law based positions in law firms, consultancies and within commercial organisations is likely to grow.

A Bachelor of Laws is a requirement to be an Environmental Lawyer. If in a combined degree with Bachelor of Science, ie majors in  Marine Science, Earth Science and Biological Science and/or Postgraduate study (ie. Masters) would be asset when entering this line of law.