Game Tester

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Game developers rely on video game testers to verify that their games are not only playable, but fun as well.  Feedback from game testers can be used to change elements of video games, sometimes even at the last stages in development.

One of the primary jobs of a video game tester is to see if the video games will play the way they are supposed to.  This is a way for developers to find minor bugs and glitches that need correction.

Another duty involves playing games critically.  Developers ask that their testers try in-game actions in an attempt to "break" the game by performing actions or going to locations the designers hadn't anticipated.

Many modern games process millions of operations due to the complexity of the programming and the number of players or computer-controlled characters.  This degree of complexity means that lag, or in-game slowdown, can be a real issue.  Video game testers look for occurrences of such lags and their causes.