General Practitioner

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General Practitioners diagnose and treat  illnesses and injuries, provide ongoing care for chronic disease, and provide a range of preventive services. . They are usually the first point of call regarding non-emergency illness or injury, and may refer patients on to other specialists once they have made their diagnosis. They will then take over long term care based on that subspecialists’ advice. They also have an important ongoing care role in the community, as well over 80% of the Australian population consult a GP at least annually.  General practitioners work primarily in private general practices, but may work in  other settings such as hospitals, particularly in rural areas..

General practice is a recognised medical specialty and a doctor must undertake vocational training, upon completion of an undergraduate Medicine degree, to become a qualified specialist General Practitioner in Australia. The Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program is an Australian Government funded initiative which provides training for registrars towards fellowship and gaining specialist registration. The program involves a three-year full-time commitment, or four years for rural and remote medicine registrars, which may be reduced with recognition of prior learning. Training is conducted through a network of Regional Training Providers, within accredited general practices and hospitals and is supervised and assessed by accredited general practitioners.