Graphic Designers

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Graphic designers develop and produce visual information for reproduction in print and electronic media, with particular emphasis on clarity of communication in an appropriate style suitable for the intended audience.

Graphic designers skilfully use the communication properties of symbols, colours and pictures as well as a sound understanding of text-based communication to create layouts that convey a desire message.

Graphic designers may work as members of a design team in design studios, advertising agencies, or alone undertaking consultancy or freelance work. Graphic designers may specialise in a number of fields including television, film and computer graphics; set and exhibition design; corporate design; book and magazine design; and advertising and illustration.

Graphic designers may perform the following tasks:

  • Consult with clients to get a clear understanding of their visual communication requirements
  • prepare comprehensive layouts and mock ups of the design using techniques such as photography, illustration and computer-generated imagery
  • resolve all communication elements into a final format to suit the required media
  • discuss designs with clients for approval
  • select paper, and other print material and produce instructions for the production process
  • prepare designs for print
  • design and set up presentations and exhibitions for advertising or educational purposes
  • Supervise all design production stages including arranging and supervising printing

Logos are the first stage of consumer recognition of products. A logo designer creates an image that is not only new but only innovative and original thus distinguishing that particular product from its competitors in the market. Logo designers incorporate the client’s requirements in their final and overall work so the logo could represent what the client is trying to sell or promote. Some major companies employ logo designers as a special unit within their organisations to collaborate and assist in the marketing of their products or services. Art directors and graphic designers usually develop logo designs.