Hostel and Refuge Worker

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Hostel and Refuge Workers are concerned with tasks relating to personal care, boarding, accommodation, meals and the general overseeing of residential establishments, which provide home environments for children and other people seeking assistance in refuges. They often live at the hostel or refuge themselves, or live close by. Hostels and refuges may be for children or others seeking refuge from domestic situations, school boarding houses, or international refugees. Their responsibilities include planning and implementing supervision programs, arranging and supervising activities, ensuring the health and wellbeing of children and other residents under their supervision, supervising domestic arrangements, assisting in the development of social skills, teaching and counselling, maintaining discipline and safety, supervising the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical growth of their charges, and providing as normal a home environment as possible. They may also be involved in building relationships with business communities to source employment opportunities.

Tertiary qualifications are not necessarily required for this position, but will provide you with the transferable skills relevant for this type of career as well as providing you with relevant welfare and cultural related knowledge. All Hostel and Refuge workers are required to undergo a police check and provide character references. Hostel and Refuge Workers need to have good leadership and organisational skills, have a sense of responsibility, be able to work with a variety of people and age groups and understand the needs and cultural differences of their charges.