Hotel/Motel Manager

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Hotel and Motel Managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of an hotel/motel and its staff either individually or as part of a management team. Within this role they are often in charge of commercial and financial accountability, planning, organising and directing all hotel services, including reception, banqueting and housekeeping; and are responsible for maintaining a balance between customer satisfaction and effective business management, whilst ensuring their staff works as a team. The amount of involvement with the clientele will vary with the size of the hotel/motel at which you are employed, with more interaction being available and more hands on duties in smaller establishments. If you are a self-employed manager, then more general manager duties will be involved.

Tertiary education is recommended for this type of position, with minimum qualifications being an Associate Degree. Salary can increase with higher qualifications, particularly in larger hotel/motel chains. It is also possible to work your way up from a front office attendee position if the hotel that employs you has an in house training programme. A second language is also highly recommended for employment in international hotels along with good leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, enjoying working with people and being able to negotiate in difficult situations.

Some large hotels supply graduate programmes for recent Graduates, which tend to aim towards giving graduates a wide understanding of operations including food and beverage and room management. These programmes may lead to positions such as head of department or assistant manager. Completing an MBA (Master of Business Administration) is highly regarded in more senior roles as are other diplomas and courses in Finance and Accounting.