ICT Support and Test Engineer

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ICT support and test engineers develop procedures and strategies to support, create, maintain and manage technical quality assurance processes for information and communications systems within organisations. ICT support technicians generally liaise with other computer engineers, but may also work with accountants, sales people or company directors, depending on the task at hand. ICT support engineers investigate, analyse and resolve system problems and performance issues, and test the behaviour, functionality and integrity of information and communications systems.

Some job titles with similar responsibilities include:

  • ICT Quality Assurance Engineer
  • ICT Support Engineer
  • ICT Systems Test Engineer

Strong communications skills are essential in this position, and an ICT support and test engineer can work in various fields such as the gaming industry, corporate business and consultancy.

Tasks can include:

  • Scheduling and conducting quality audit inspections, and analysing and reviewing systems, data and documentation
  • Communicating, educating and liaising with users and management to ensure awareness and adherence to standards, procedures and quality control issues and activities
  • Assisting in troubleshooting, diagnosing, testing and resolving system problems and issues
  • Developing, conducting and providing technical guidance and training in application software and operational procedures
  • Analysing, evaluating and diagnosing technical problems and issues such as installation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and configuration and troubleshooting of desktops, software, hardware, printers, Internet, email, databases, operating systems and security