Immigration Officer

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Immigrations Officers work at embassies, airports, docks, border crossing stations, or any location where foreign people may enter a country. Their role is to check and monitor people who are entering or leaving a country. This may include checking and endorsing passports and work related documents, interviewing people for more information as to why they are entering the country or refusing to leave, arranging for a person to journey back to their point of departure, and organising a place in a holding facility for people seeking asylum.

To gain employment as an Immigrations Officer you may not need academic qualifications, however, having knowledge in international affairs, relevant legislations and policies, and studying a second language will improve your prospects of gaining employment, which could result in a position where some intelligence surveillance could be part of the role. You must be an Australian citizen, be medically fit, and pass a security clearance to be considered as an Immigrations Officer. An immigrations Officer should have good verbal and written communications skills, be able to judge peoples' characters well, manage conflict, work well under pressure, meet deadlines and be aware of equality issues.