International Manager

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When organisations operate at an international level, international managers are hired to oversee and direct operations on site at the overseas location. Individuals employed in this role create networks, manage staff and ensure that their organisations strategies are being carried through and objectives met. While these functions are similar to those of a domestic manager, international managers need to be responsive to the specific variables of the country in which they are employed - these may include things like religious and cultural differences, government regulations and laws.

International managers spend much of their time preparing reports, managing budgets, liaising with stakeholders in their home country and organising things like suppliers and services. This occupation requires excellent communication skills, cultural sensitivity and awareness, and often fluency in a language other than English. Excellent business knowledge and a thorough understanding of key markets and of course the organisations product are essential. Qualifications in business and management are usually required, however experience is also very important - this position is usually filled by senior managers who have extensive experience.