IT Consultant

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IT consultants develop technological strategies and solutions which assist with the running of an organisation. Essentially, this role involves responding to the needs of the client in terms of achieving optimum efficiency and productivity. Typical tasks performed by IT consultants include:

  • Developing, installing and monitoring computer systems
  • Organising training and providing technical support
  • Liaising with staff to identify hardware, software and networks needs
  • Helping to customise systems for projects

Entry into this field is possible with tertiary qualifications in disciplines such as mathematics, computer and software engineering, information technology (IT) and computer sciences. Postgraduate specialisation is also possible however many employers provide customised practical training.

IT consultants may find employment with specialist IT outsourcing consultancies that enter into contracts with organisations in almost any type of industry from manufacturing to banking. Alternatively, large private sector organisations such as those in the telecommunications industry employ IT consultants in house, as do government departments which handle a large volume of staff and data.