Jewellery Designer

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Jewellery designers conceptualise, prototype, and detail the production of body adornments such as rings, broaches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, and watches. They have specialised knowledge of metals, precious stones and other decorative materials.They must be able to relate well to their clients in order to understand design specifications, as well as the functional and aesthetic aspects, paying particular attention to ergonomics, to create the desired product.

The majority of jewellery designers are self-employed so also require commercial awareness. Some jewellery designers focus more on design using specialist companies to provide the different stages of the making process

Jewellery designers may perform the following tasks:

  • Explore solutions to meet marketing, manufacturing and financial requirements;
  • Consult with commissioning clients, discussing the clients options;
  • Prepare models and prototypes to demonstrate and test products;
  • Prepare drawings and illustrations to support decision making and marketing process;
  • Select components and material, resolve assembly and manufacturing details;
  • Produce digital and documentary instructions for others involved in the production process;
  • Organise and oversee production
  • Develop and oversee adjustments and refinements to production