Laboratory/Research Assistant

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Laboratory assistants are involved with the general running and maintenance of laboratory experiments. This may involve the setting up of equipment, performing diagnostic tests and collecting and recording data, the preparation of reports, data entry and statistical analysis. Laboratory Assistants may be required to work shifts overnight or on site in field studies.

The role of a research assistant is similar to that of a laboratory assistant in terms of assisting, monitoring, observing and collating results - though research assistants may but don't necessarily work in the lab setting. Research assistants may search archives, provide documentation and reference related research, help facilitate surveying and perform other tasks which don't necessarily involve physical scientific experimentation.

Research and laboratory assistants would be expected to apply the theoretical and procedural knowledge of their specialisation within this field to their work. While post-graduate qualifications are not essential for these roles, Honours qualifications are desirable as they often provide experience with research projects.