Media Analyst

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Media analysts are employed to provide market and portfolio analysis data, trends and statistics to their client. The exact information provided depends on the clients needs, though may include the type of coverage that they receive in the media, audience share and public image. This information is used in the formation of strategic and business plans, public relations strategies and marketing and advertising campaigns.

Professionals in this line of work use both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data and have a thorough understanding of the role and presence of media in society. They are typically employed by consulting agencies though some large organisations (such as political groups) may engage their services on a continued basis. Studies in the arts, particularly in media related disciplines will prepare students well for employment in this field; though combined studies in statistics and methodology are usually also necessary.

Further specialisation through a combination of experience and formal qualifications (such as a Master of Marketing) can lead to senior and managerial roles. These would typically involve tasks such as taking part in strategic planning, taking a lead role in research projects and acting as a liaison between the employer organisation and potential and existing clients.