Mine surveyor

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Mining surveyors design and measure mines, tunnels and other underground and surface works.Mine Surveyors are involved in the accurate measurement of areas and volumes mined and the precise representation of surface and underground mining on mine plans. They advise mining engineers about geological areas that can be profitably mined.

On a mine, surveying is a central function, as mine surveyors provide information to all mining disciplines. Together with mine engineers, mine surveyors play an important role in managing the mining process, including the prospecting stage before deposits are even extracted

Senior survey personnel perform management functions, as well as managing the mining reserve.

Mine surveyors are employed by various mining groups locally and internationally. Some mine surveyors go into private practice and work for various mines and mining groups as consultants or on a contractual basis.

A mine surveyor may perform the following tasks:

  • ensure that accurate up-to-date plans of mine are prepared in accordance with the survey and drafting directions;
  • prepare a mine workings plan for the mine;
  • report to the appropriate mining officials at the mine any deviations from, the mine workings plan of which the surveyor becomes aware;
  • Measure the quantity of work done by the mining contractor's and calculate their contract earnings;