Mining Engineer

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Mining engineers are involved at all stages of a mine's development, from its discovery through to the design, operation, and management of mineral processing. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and economic viability of a mine, in addition to managing its environmental impact through restoration methods such as mined land rehabilitation.

Mining engineering is a wide discipline, covering many areas of geology, metallurgy, economics, civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering. A broad knowledge of the mining industry and its economic and environmental considerations is therefore essential.

Mining is one of Australia's leading contributors to its wealth, and there are many opportunities for mining engineers both nationally and globally in the areas of research, consulting, and training. Professionals have work activities typically involving:

  • Assessing new and existing mining sites.
  • Designing, operating, and maintaining mining equipment and heavy machinery, such as drills and earthmovers.
  • Monitoring health and safety issues of sites, such as ventilation.
  • Managing budgets.
  • Analysis and improvement of mineral refinement and petroleum extraction processes.
  • Collaborating with other mining professionals, including geologists, environmental engineers, and economists.
  • Restoring/filling in disused mining sites and shafts.