Oncology Nurse

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An Oncology Nurse is a Registered Nurse who cares for patients who have cancer. Oncology Nurses will be responsible for assessment, education and coordinating the care of patients. Oncology Nurses work in a variety of settings, from the inpatient ward, to the bone marrow transplant unit, through to the community.

Working as an Oncology Nurse requires in-depth knowledge of the handling and administration of chemotherapy drugs, as well as knowledge of the side effects of cancer treatment. Oncology Nurses must also be educated on pain assessment and management through both pharmacological and non-drug related methods. Oncology Nurses require compassion and strong interpersonal skills as they help the patient and their family through their cancer treatment.

Oncology Nurses will need to be qualified as a Registered Nurse, as well as having relevant past experience. Completion of postgraduate study in oncology nursing is highly regarded and often will be included within a job’s selection criteria.