Park Ranger

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Park rangers control, supervise and manage national parks, scenic areas, historic sites, nature reserves and other recreational areas. The environments a Park Ranger works in can vary from snow fields to rain forests, costal regions to desert areas. The work can be remote, and involve moving from park to park, working public holidays and weekends, but there is always contact with the public involved to some degree. Park Rangers may specialise as an Indigenous Park Ranger who, due to their background, may spend more time on tasks such as working with Indigenous communities to identify and protect sites of special significance. They need to have a greater knowledge of issues surrounding sites of cultural significance and assist park users to understand these issues. Another specialty involves wildlife management and protection.

A Park Ranger may perform the following tasks:

  • Environmental management and protection
  • Taking part in the planning, conducting and reporting of control burns, ecological burns and respond to wildfires
  • Protecting biological diversity by managing feral animal populations and eradicating weeds
  • Participating in scientific surveys
  • Patrolling the park to check fences, monitor invasive species and visitor management
  • Working with traditional owners to best manage the park estate, protect and record historic sites
  • Conducting programs to develop and involve indigenous groups in land management.
  • Maintaining park facilities such as amenities, barbecues, walking trails, tracks, signs, and equipment.
  • Delivering face to face interpretative activities such as guided walks and talks, slide shows and junior ranger activities.

There are many opportunities for people who wish to pursue a career as a Ranger in the Northern Territory. Rangers need to have a "C" class drivers licence and a Senior First Aid Certificate and a good level of physical fitness.