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Performers are artists that physically perform their art in front of audiences. Performers include actors, entertainers, musicians, singers, dancers, stunt and street performers, etc. There are specialisations within these fields as well, such as comedian, choreographer, Aboriginal theatre, children's performer, theatre actor, film star, opera singer, conductor, and band member. This type of career may also lead to other careers such as becoming a teacher, director, producer, set or costume designer, manager, or agent.

All performers have in common the need for years of training and experience, a flair for entertainment, good communication skills, determination, dedication, self-confidence, motivation, good technical skills within their specialisation and an ability to extend themselves into different genres, good memory and concentration, and stamina to perform at peak levels. Performers also need to be prepared to work irregular hours, spend many hours practicing and rehearsing and the possibility of gaining employment in unrelated areas to support themselves. Some Performers may require licences or permission from local authorities to hold some performances. Holding a degree in the arts will increase your knowledge within your specialisation, expose you to other genres, enhance your current technical skills and theoretical knowledge, and may even augment your credibility as a performer.