Perioperative Nurse

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Perioperative Nurses are Registered Nurses that specialise in the care of patients undergoing minor or major surgical procedures. There are a range of roles that the Perioperative Nurse performs before, during and after surgery, such as preparing patients for surgery, providing support and advice to the patient’s family, assisting surgical teams in the operating theatre and providing post-operative care.

There are a number of specific nursing roles within the surgical team and these include Circulating Nurse, Instrument Nurse and Post Anaesthetic Recovery Nurse. Circulating Nurses are involved in the preparation of surgery, particularly the delivery of all supplies to the surgical area, as well as checking of consent. Instrument Nurses play a role during surgery, making sure that all instruments, sterile supplies and equipment for the operation are at hand during surgery. Post Anaesthetic Recovery Nurses provide care for patients following surgery and are responsible for the observation of patients and management of any adverse effects that patients may experience.

Employment as a Perioperative Nurse requires qualification as a Registered Nurse. Most Perioperative Nurses will require at least one year of experience working in operating theatres. While not compulsory, completion of a specialised postgraduate course will be highly regarded.