Police Officer

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Police Officers may work at the state or federal level and work to protect the life and property of others by preventing offences, detecting and apprehending offenders and helping those in need. Police Officers complete a wide range of tasks, which often involve:

  • Promoting crime prevention and ways to improve community life.
  • Patrolling assigned areas on foot or in vehicles.
  • Investigating criminal offences and suspicious activities.
  • Gathering information about crimes and accidents from witnesses in order to write statements and police reports.
  • Crowd and riot control.
  • Monitoring traffic, issuing traffic infringements and administering random breath tests on motorists.
  • Routine clerical work.

Police Officers must firstly satisfy medical requirements, be physically fit, have an acceptable criminal record and be a permanent resident of Australia. They must also enjoy helping others, be mentally tough and stay calm in difficult situations, and be honest and reliable.

To become an Officer in the NSW Police Force, candidates must possess an Associate Degree of Policing Practice. Though not necessary, a degree in Psychology is highly useful in advancing your career towards other roles such as a Detective, Youth Liaison Officer or Community Safety Officer and can assist in the acceptance requirements for an Associate Degree of Policing Practice.