Practicing Artist/Craftsperson

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Artists visually communicate ideas, concepts and impressions using a huge variety of different mediums and techniques including painting, sculpture, tapestry, fashion design, drawing and photography. They make an income by selling their works, accepting commissions, applying for grants or artist in residence programs or by entering their work in competitions. It is hard to make a living as an artist, therefore, some artists also supplement their income by creating works for commercial purposes e.g. for advertising.

To become an Artist, or a craftsperson, a degree is not necessarily required, however, a degree will give you greater insight into the use of various mediums and theories, as well as equipping you with the qualifications to apply for the types of work that will support you in between commissions, or selling works. This could include working in art galleries, art shops, bookshops and set design for film, television or local productions.