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Primatologists study issues related to the evolution of social systems, culture, and ecology in primates under a range of disciplines including anthropology, biology, and psychology. The field of primatology crosses over between the study of primates and homonids. Careers in primatology include animal care, anthropology, biomedical research, education, field research, paleontology & comparative morphology, psychology, working in sanctuaries and zoological gardens, veterinary medicine and zoology.

It is possible to enter the filed of primatology with just an undergraduate degree, but research in the field tends to lead to further postgraduates studies including masters and PhDs. To enter this field through Anthropology it is essential to have a background of physical anthropology. Most field work in primatology takes place in Africa, Asia, Central America, Maddagascar, and South America, often in areas of ecology and conservation, specialising in conducting field work and strategies towards the management and protection of primate species.

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