Process Engineer

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Process engineers turn great ideas discovered in laboratories into practical devices and processes that improve quality of life, protect the environment and improve quality of products. After the research and development stage, chemical process engineers step in to create and design processes that help operating equipment function effectively. Process engineers within the chemical engineering sector can be involved in designing innovative products ranging from those that assist in water distillation to processing machinery in chemical plants and extraction processes for oil, gas and minerals. They can also be a part of food and pharmaceutical design, the creation of renewable fuels and energy sources, the treatment of toxic, hazardous industrial wastes and improving upon mining techniques.

Senior Process Engineer

A senior process engineer is a management role for those who have several years of experience - usually no less than 7-10 years - in the Chemical Engineering field. Senior process engineers are typically involved in specialised areas such as oil and gas, mining and minerals, water, or nuclear processing plants. This role demands that by using previous experience you identify areas for business development and profit maximisation to current and prospective clients. Other duties include:

  • Developing new, creative processes to maximise production in a specialised area
  • Break down of projects into deliverable tasks
  • Manage onsite process personnel to ensure output is in line with target and meets national & international safety standards and procedures
  • Provide technical engineering assistance to process personnel, developing their knowledge and procedures
  • Budget and financial reporting

Although not necessarily essential, it is of great advantage if looking at working towards this position to have completed a Masters qualification and/or a PhD research project.