Quality Assurance Technician

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A Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for maintaining and testing the quality level of a product and service as per company’s standard and customer requirement. He/she also prepare the reports of equipment and products tested. A person applying for the job of a QA Technician must be skilled in performing testing under different tools. A Quality Assurance Technician may also be involved in certifying the quality level or product and/or systems and applications, and charged with designing tests and implementing a system by which to track this procedure.

Some typical responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Technician:

  • Can be responsible for product inspection, internal quality control audits, and quality planning.
  • Research the tools and techniques required to develop and maintain the company database
  • Responsible for maintaining all quality related testing equipment such as meters and scales.
  • Maintain the device history files for product that has been shipped by the company.
  • Analyse all non-conforming material reports and complaints and work with applicable parties to assist in the resolution of these complaints.
  • Assist in the solution of quality-related problems resulting in the issuance of corrective action reports, vendor corrective action reports and customer complaints.
  • Work with production, engineering, customer service and technical support in solving problems directly related to quality assurance.
  • In some organization, the quality assurance technician writes script that will check for bugs in new applications. Additionally, the quality assurance technician may be called upon to track bugs and develop a means by which to do this.
  • May be responsible for implementing the company database.
  • May assist writing product documentation, technical specifications, parts procedures, and training material.