Radiation Therapist

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Radiation therapists work in conjunction within a highly skilled multidisciplinary team to manage the treatment of cancer patients. The main role of Radiation Therapists is to work with Oncologists to determine the design, accurate calculation and delivery of a prescribed radiation dose over a course of treatment to the patient. Radiation therapists work in public and private hospitals and private oncology clinics.

Radiation therapists require a strong knowledge of science and technology as they utilise sophisticated imaging equipment and advanced computer systems to create and deliver accurate treatments. Radiation therapists may specialise in specific areas such as stereotactic radiotherapy (radiation beams targeting a well-defined tumour), brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) and advanced treatment modalities.

There is also the need for compassion and strong interpersonal skills as their role will also extend to counselling of patients during the treatment period.

To become a Radiation Therapist you must have completed either an undergraduate or postgraduate course in medical radiation sciences accredited by the Australian Institute of Radiography. Graduates will then be required to undertake a year of professional development before gaining full accreditation.