Research Officer

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Research Officers must have an interest in, and desire to, conduct research, have proven research ability, be able to collect and analyse information, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and be able to work effectively in teams to meet deadlines. They can work in a wide variety of fields including medical, biological, educational, social, academic, economic and political areas. Tertiary qualifications in a degree relevant to the research being conducted is usually necessary to work as a research officer, however in many cases, postgraduate qualifications are also necessary.

Research Officers plan and conduct research in a variety of areas with tasks including:

  • Conduct research using a variety of sources such as telephone interviews, the internet, journals, publications and other relevant literature.
  • Collect research and develop reports outlining the results and implications of the research.
  • Study long term trends in the population such as growth and health issues for biological, medical and health research.
  • Study and collect research on social and economic trends.
  • Study the behaviour of animals for zoological and biological purposes.