Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer

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A Radio Frequency Engineer is responsible for optimising, analysing and improving performance of the Radio Frequency spectrum. RF Engineering is a highly specialised field which requires in-depth knowledge of mathematics, physics, general electronics theory and well as specialised training in propagation and micro strip design. RF Engineers monitor, analyse statistical and drive test data to improve system performance indicators such as dropped calls, blocked calls, origination failures, handoff features and to meet departmental goals.

Responsibilities include:

  • Choosing tower antenna placement by using propagation theory, cellular theory, RF Engineering tools and antenna theory.
  • Design wireless system using GSM.
  • Responsible for capacity planning, GSM frequency planning and frequency hopping by applying carrier/interference (C/I) ratio analysis.
  • Design sites to improve coverage and fix existing holes.
  • Recommend site upgrade such as down tilling of antenna and re-orientation of radio additions.
  • Optimize existing network by adjusting radio network parameters, adding/deleting of neighbours and recommending possible solutions to hardware problems.
  • Determine problem sites by using network key performance indicators, drive test data and customer complaints.
  • Provide frequency planning for new sites install upgrades.
  • Create Visual Basic scripts to speed up processing of network performance data.