Social Researcher

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Social Researchers design, formulate, and conduct social research projects on a diverse number of issues from census data from thousands of people, to in-depth analysis of a single person, to monitoring what is happening on the streets today compared to a hundred years ago. Social Researchers can come from a variety of fields including sociology, social psychology, social anthropology, social policy, human geography, political science, and education. They use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to quantify and understand the meaning behind social phenomena such as the links amongst social attributes. Results obtained by Social Researchers may be used to shape new policy, or examine the effectiveness of existing policy.

Social Researchers must have highly developed people and communication skills, be able to work in a team environment, have well developed analytical skills, understand how to employ a number of different experimental methods, be able to develop questionnaires, and have a clear understanding of variety regular social patterns in social life and related theories. Due to the diversity of people Social Researchers come into contact with, it would be advisable to have experience in, customer service, research, or volunteer agencies.