Software Developer/Programmer Computational Linguist

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Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field which combines mathematical and computer programming knowledge with expert understanding of language structures and practices such as syntax, phonology and semantics. Linguists working in this field help design and develop software applications particularly those involving translation, voice recognition and search engines. They use their expert knowledge of language patterns to understand the syntactic structure of programming languages and may work in multi-disciplinary teams with computer scientists, software engineers and cognitive psychologists. Their work may also include the creation and maintenance of machine-readable dictionaries, grammar rules and parsing algorithms and the development and maintenance of tools for the automation and support of linguistic tasks.

Computational linguistics is a highly specialised field in which post-graduate qualifications are almost essential and employment is competitive. Typical employers include software companies, research facilities, telecommunications providers and large organisations whose business is conducted online or using interactive technologies (such as automated voice booking systems).