Software Engineer

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The role of a software engineer is relatively broad, concerned with all aspects of building large, complex software systems for applications in most areas of society including commerce, engineering, government and research. Software engineers may also evaluate and deploy new programming tools and techniques and analyse current software products. Their primary concern is with the quality and performance of software systems. Aside from the management of the analysis, specification, design and development of software applications and systems, software engineers also oversee the certification, maintenance and testing of software applications as well as the integration of complex software systems.

A software engineer may find employment in areas including:

  • Software product development
  • Banking and finance
  • Industrial systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet provision
  • Marketing
  • Customer support

Personal attributes required for such a position include, but are not limited to, having a logical approach to work, the ability to investigate, identify and solve problems efficiently, good customer service and public contact skills, and having an active self-interest in maintaining personal technical skills and knowledge.

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