Sports and Exercise Physician

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A Sports and Exercise Physician have the ability to expertly examine the musculoskeletal system without relying on other speciality fields to make a diagnosis. They are extensively trained in interpretation of radiological investigations of the musculoskeletal system. They are the appropriate medical specialist to coordinate the management of non-operative musculoskeletal problems from initial diagnosis through to coordination of suitable duties whilst completing rehabilitation, through to eventual return to work. Alternatively a sports and exercise medicine physician has the knowledge to determine when surgery is the definitive treatment, and when it is appropriate to refer to their surgical colleagues. Furthermore, they have the ability to determine liability, permanent impairment, and incapacity in injured workers.

Many sports and exercise medicine physicians work for elite sporting organisations, however the need to definitively diagnose and rehabilitate injured non-sporting workers is equally important and therefore employment is available in hospitals and private practice.

Specialising as a sports and exercise medicine physician requires the completion of a medical degree.