Technical Analyst

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Technical analysts engage in a structured method of identifying and evaluating key factors and elements of a data model and make recommendations that are anticipated to produce desirable results. For example, technical analysis in the financial market is the discipline of studying past market data and forecasting the future direction of prices. By developing these scenarios, the analyst can make recommendations about what stock to buy, when to buy it, and at what point the stock should be sold in order to achieve the highest return on the investment.

A more computer-based application of technical analysis is algorithmic trading, where computer programs and algorithms are used to decide on certain aspects within an electronic financial market. Designing these algorithms is another potential position.

A person in this industry needs to possess a strong work ethic, be a self-starter, be creative, have a focus on customer service, possess a high level of energy and enthusiasm, and have strong oral and written communication skills as well as people skills.