Telecommunications Technician

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A telecommunications technician develops, monitors and carries out technical support functions for telecommunications networks and installs computer equipment, computer systems and microwave, telemetry, satellite and other radio and electromagnetic wave communication systems.

Rapid and ongoing advancement and convergence of telecommunications technologies (you can now access the Internet via your mobile phone) are creating employment demand in the telecommunications industry generally.

Some of the tasks undertaken in this role are:

  • Configuring and integrating network and telecommunications technology with computer software, hardware, desktops, peripherals, databases and operating systems
  • Developing and recording logs of the details, locations and status of inventories, parts, equipment and instruments and maintaining the documentation of communication policies, procedures, guidelines and regulations, and quality standards
  • Providing technical advice and information, and monitoring the performance of complex telecommunications networks and equipment
  • Planning the development of customer access telecommunications network infrastructure
  • Liaising with vendors, suppliers, service providers and external resources and monitoring contractual obligations and performance delivery