Training & Development Manager

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Training and development managers organise and carry-out training and professional development programs for employees usually with the aim of up-skilling, increasing productivity and efficiency and maintaining or improving employee morale. They may also organise programs for specific projects or needs, for example organisational change or the implementation of a new technology or procedure that employees must become proficient in.

Those in this profession may find employment within the human resources departments of government or private sector organisations, or within specialist agencies that contract their training and development services out. The size and type of the employer plays a large part in dictating tasks, these may include:

  • Assessing the learning and development needs within an organisation through surveys, interviews and job analyses and reporting to the general manager of Human Resources
  • Defining, sourcing and monitoring training programs delivered by contractors
  • Developing learning and development plans for business areas
  • Managing the contracting process and contractors who provide learning and development services e.g. specialist training programs
  • Coordinating the delivery of training

Learning and Development Consultants are able to work under pressure, are autonomous, posses leadership skills and have excellent oral and written communication skills. They are also flexible and adaptable to change and are able to work well in teams.

Studies in psychology, human resources, education or a related field are often required to gain employment as a learning and development consultant. A Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment is also useful and is often required.