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Teaching and Learning

The University of Newcastle’s teaching and learning environment is cutting-edge, providing contemporary curriculum and work experience opportunities to some 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The University’s progressive teaching and learning is illustrated through its innovative problem-based learning – the basis for programs in medicine, engineering, architecture, nursing, social work and law. Our key areas of focus include:

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Information about how the Centre facilitates and supports staff and students in their pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.

Work-Integrated Learning

Work-integrated learning describes educational activities that integrate theoretical learning with its application in a workplace or profession. At the University of Newcastle, work-integrated learning is a key feature of making our graduates work-ready.

Academic Integrity

The principles of academic integrity are central to the pursuit of knowledge undertaken at all levels in universities and in professional life. Find out more.

Quality Assurance in Teaching and Learning

Information about how we review the quality of the student learning experience, and how we assess the relevance and quality of our degree programs.