New Faculty Orientation

Before the academic year begins, the Centre for Teaching and Learning holds an orientation program for new academic staff members, known as New Faculty Orientation (NFO). The four day event aims to familiarise new teaching staff with UoN’s unique learning environment and provide valuable opportunities for professional development, networking and collegiality.

New Faculty Orientation involves a number of practical workshop sessions, as well as specific information from each faculty and social events. The program is an integral part of CTL’s induction and support of all UoN teaching staff, to enable academics to deliver world-class educational experiences.

The NFO program is held annually on Callaghan campus in February. Topics include course design and lesson planning, presentation skills, e-teaching technologies, teaching in the blended and online environment, and evaluating your teaching. NFO provides an excellent opportunity for staff to meet new colleagues and establish your own university network for consultation and support.

Teaching Essentials

Teaching Essentials is a one-day program that familiarises teaching academics with the expectations of the teaching role at UoN and our curricular systems. The event is held twice a year, before the beginning of both first and second semesters.

Teaching Essentials will introduce you to the essential information you need to successfully teach at UoN. Topics include communication systems, the virtual learning environment, teaching spaces and policies, grants and awards, course outlines, grading and assessment.

For more information, contact CTL on 4921 5350 or email us.